NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - After the sit-in by Rutgers students on April 27 students met with President Richard L. McCormick and two other administrators to negotiate with students about their demands this Monday. After a letter from the administration on Friday, no demands were met, but after today’s meeting the administration conceded to put a moratorium on transcript fees until the fall semester.

For the fall semester, the administration is going to work with students to negotiate a number of free transcripts for students as well as all transcripts free internally in the University and for University financial aid. The President also agreed to ask administration to donate to fund EOF students after the state’s cuts. In addition, students, concerned about their voice being heard by the Board of Governors, which decides tuition costs, have spoken to the administration about meeting of presidents of student organizations with a subcommittee on the BOG to talk about their concerns.

The President and the administration did not budge on the issue of the Fair Labor Association and supporting a tuition cap or freeze. The FLA is an international oversight group created to investigate labor conditions where corporations outsource their manufacturing of products although there have been numerous accounts of instances where the FLA have hindered workers rights and their struggle for fair treatment.  The University pays about $5000 a year to remain affiliated while already affiliated with the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) who have brought to light many issues with the FLA. Students do not feel that both of these organizations are necessary and that the University needs to disaffiliate from the FLA.

Students will continue an open dialogue with the administration about these issues and continue to pressure them to make decisions supporting Rutgers’ students, faculty and staff.