Students vow to continue fighting for educational accessibility 

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Today Rutgers University president Richard McCormick announced that he had not been swayed by the popular movement which seized Old Queens, the main administration building at RU, Wednesday and Thursday.

McCormick has characterized the event—which drew over one hundred protesters and more than a dozen media outlets—as being “unrepresentative” of the student body. Though the rally organizers included more than fifteen members of the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA), McCormick has expressed his repeated unwillingness to include student leaders in budgetary decisions.

In a public statement, University officials claimed that the demonstrators had been given access to food and medicine, a claim which student organizers label as “patently false.” According to protest leader Molly Magier, the group occupying Old Queens was denied access to food for more than 20 hours, despite chants of “Let them eat!” by sympathizers on the lawn outside.

“The administration has repeatedly demonstrated that they care more about appeasing private donors and Trenton politicians than the needs of the RU community,” said RUSA representative Renee Coppola.

Student leaders have vowed to continue fighting for educational accessibility, and have announced plans for another day of action, to coincide with the University’s annual “Rutgers Day” festivities, an event that draws thousands to the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus each year. They have planned a satirical “Millionares for McCormick” demonstration, which lampoons his elitist beliefs by praising policies which restrict access to higher education.

The demonstration is planned for 1:30pm at Old Queens today, April 30, 2011.