New Brunswick, New Jersey, April 28, 2011 – Eleven Rutgers Students occupied the third floor of the Old Queens administration building that serves as the office for University President Richard L. McCormick. The students’ sit-in was an effort to have the administration acknowledge and heed to their demands; this occurred after previous attempts in which the university’s administration has ignored their pleas.

The demands are as follows:

-Elimination of transcript fees for the first 10 transcripts a student requests
-Disaffiliation from the corporate-controlled Fair Labor Association
-Public support for three voting seats for students voted in by their constituency, and one each for faculty and staff on the Rutgers’ Board of Governors by President Richard L. McCormick
-The public support for a one-year tuition freeze in light of the doubling of tuition over the past ten years by President Richard L. McCormick
-A fair and speedy arbitration for Rutgers’ workers in response for the two-year salary freeze 

During occupation, the students were denied access to their personal belongings and to essential needs (i.e. food and medication). They were even denied a pizza that was sent on behalf of the Madison, Wisconsin protesters. The students were finally delivered food from the University once the press got word that the students were not being fed, and the a crowd of student supporters chanted, “Let them eat!”

After a 33 hour occupation at 8:30 PM, the protestors left the building promised with a decision by the administration addressing all of their demands tomorrow, April 29, and also a promise to meet with students next Monday to address the students concerns regarding tuition.

This was a peaceful protest with an objection to have higher education as a greater priority within the state and to stop tuition hikes.

If the Rutgers University administration does not meet favorably to the demands in their official statement on April, 29th 2011, the students are prepared to mobilize again on Rutgers Day-an event that showcases the university, the following day.

The location will be at Old Queens Administration Building

83 SOMERSET STREET, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901-1281.