EATONTOWN, NJ - The mission of the Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA) is to protectand advocate for all animals, which is why when the opportunity to help out a sistershelter arises the MCSPCA is there. Last year the organization helped 468 dogs fromother animal welfare organizations in and out of New Jersey find love in their foreverhomes.


Giorgio, a six month old adorable Shepherd mix puppy, came to the MCSPCA looking forlove on one of the routine transports from South Carolina’s Paws to the Rescue aboutfive weeks ago. However, his adoption match making was put on hold when theMCSPCA found he was in need of some rather extensive surgery.

Once he arrived at the Monmouth County SPCA Homeward Bound Adoption Centerthe veterinary technicians noticed he was limping while walking. It was decided by Dr.Rebecca Potter, MCSPCA Director of Medical Services, that little Giorgio needed furtherevaluation, which he received at Garden State Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls. It isbelieved that his medical issues stem from previous injury or abuse that had improperlyhealed. He also has severe degenerative joint disease with a shortened right femur.

The animals at the MCSPCA are fortunate that they are surrounded by several veryskilled and generous veterinary hospitals that lend their talents to help the organizationmeet the medical needs of the homeless animals. However, there are still additionalexpenses involved in helping animals that have special surgical procedures.

Garden State Veterinary Hospital performed the April 6th surgery to both his hip andknee, to correct the pain he had been suffering, although after spending just a fewminutes with Giorgio it is obvious nothing can stop this young puppy from wanting torun, jump and play. “He’s just a real baby doll”, said Stacy Walker, MCSPCA SeniorVeterinary Technician of Giorgio’s personality.

Giorgio will spend the next two weeks of his recovery in a foster home until his incisionsheal and after that will still require a couple of months of basic physical rehab, whichcan be done at home. Trying to get a puppy to take it easy for a proper recovery isalways a challenge. It does seem like he spent some part of his young life in a home ashe is already housetrained and also gets along well with other dogs. Looking into hisinnocent deep brown eyes it is hard to believe that this young dog could have beenabused to cause such lasting wounds.

To help the organization continue fixing Broken Pups like Giorgio or to learn more abouthis progress please contact the Monmouth County SPCA at 732-542-0040. TheMCSPCA located at 260 Wall Street, Eatontown is a non-profit organization that relieson private donations and modest fees to fund its many programs. To learn more aboutthe MCSPCA please visit