Measure Would Designate Camp Evans as a State and National Historical District

WALL, NJ - Assembly Republican Whip Dave Rible and Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini have introduced legislation that would recognize Camp Evans as a State and National Historic District and support its preservation as a World War II living memorial. The Senate version of this legislation, SCR-85, sponsored by Senator Sean T. Kean, was passed by the Senate on October 7, 2010.

Camp Evans, located in Wall Township, has played a significant role in the history of America through the development of advanced communications and radar systems.

“We have a historical treasure in our backyard,” stated Senator Sean Kean. “Camp Evans was established before WWI and used to develop and advance wireless communication systems and radar.  This site is significant for military history, science and technological advances, as well as the history of Monmouth County.”

Camp Evans housed the World War II Radar Laboratory where radar devices were built and equipment was designed that was used in every major stage of battle by the Allied nations and helped the United States win the war.

“Camp Evans is a vital part of our nation’s history and we are fortunate to have so many dedicated volunteers that working to keep the history of Camp Evans alive and well,” said Rible. “The radar program at Camp Evans helped the United States win World War II and it is appropriate that we recognize the site as a living memorial.”

For the first time in history, radar equipment at Camp Evans demonstrated that it was possible to send a radio wave beyond the bounds of Earth. A radio wave was sent from Camp Evans to the moon and back at the speed of light and this experiment spurred the development of satellite communications and missile guidance systems.

“The historic achievements that occurred at Camp Evans need to be honored and preserved for future generations,” said Angelini. “Building an interactive learning center is a great way to improve the public’s understanding of the significance of Camp Evans and to teach our children the importance of science and technology.”

Under this legislation, a portion of Camp Evans will be preserved as a historic monument and it will be available to families and school groups to improve the public’s understanding of science and history through an interactive learning center focused on communication pioneers of the wireless, World War I, World War II, space exploration, and the Cold War.