WALL, NJ - Senator Sean Kean (R-Monmouth) recently introduced new legislation that would address a growing problem in the State of New Jersey. The legislation would require families to prove that they are in fact residing in a school district where the student family member is attending school.

“This legislation would prevent people from taking advantage of school districts that are already heavily burdened with per student costs,” Kean said. “With local tax paying citizens already paying their share, it would be unfair to ask them to absorb the cost of a student that does not live in the district because of a documentation loophole.”

Senate bill 2703 would clarify which documents a board of education can use to serve as proof of residency. The legislation adds certificates of occupancy to the documents that a board of education may require as proof before a student is permitted to attend a school in a particular district.

“In my district we have seen an influx of students in towns where there has been no growth in residential development or population,” Kean said. “To effectively deal with education costs and successfully craft a school budget, it is essential that school districts are given the necessary tools to determine a student’s residency eligibility.”