Available Four Days,  Feb 11-14, 2011

RED BANK, NJ -  Candy, flowers and cards gushing with sweet sentiments are but a few ways lovers remember each other on Valentines Day.  This year, why not try something completely different.  Surprise your sweetheart with a singing valentine.

One of several dispatched quartets presents a rose, a keepsake photo and sings love ballads to a special recipient.

The men of the Chorus of the Atlantic, the Red Bank Area Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, have formed quartets ready to share your special message of love.  Dressed in their distinctive uniforms quartets are dispatched throughout Monmouth County to sing two songs appropriate for the occasion, as well as a deliver a beautiful, long stem rose. A photo of the occasion is captured and presented to the recipient, a memento to keep, as well as share with others.  

The quartet arranges to sing at a time and place of the purchaser’s choosing. The recipients are thoroughly surprised and delighted by the event. Usually it is at home, or at a dinner or luncheon date, but past experiences have included, class rooms or cafeterias full of students, auto body repair shops, beauty parlors, department stores, a doctor or dentist’s office , a swimming pool, a day nursery and a fitness gym. The quartet goes where directed, at the specified time and delivers their package of happiness. Appropriate for men and women.

This year the singing Valentines will be available on Friday, February 11, Saturday, February 12, Sunday, February 13 and on Monday, St. Valentine’s Day, February 14. Orders can be phoned in to Jon Greene at 732-583-1684. The cost for the singing Valentine package is $50.

Make your plans now to surprise someone with a unique gift on a very special day!