Measure Designates Route 35 in Honor of Veterans of Korean War Battle

WALL, NJ - A measure sponsored by Senator Sean Kean, Senator Joseph Kyrillos and Assemblyman Dave Rible, which would designate a portion of Route 35 in honor of veterans of a renowned Korean War battle, has been signed into law.

The bill honors the American-led United Nations (U.N.) soldiers, know as the “Chosin Few,” who held off the much larger Chinese forces during the battle of Chosin Reservoir in North Korea in 1950.

Kean said that he sponsored the legislation after being contacted by Mr. Michael Sheehan, a constituent who had fought at the Chosin Reservoir. Mr. Sheehan was dedicated to this cause and wanted to name the highway as a tribute to the men he served with that were killed in action.

“This is a long awaited tribute to the soldiers who fought so bravely at the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War,” said Kean.  “I had been working on this legislation for several years with a constituent, Mr. Michael Sheehan, who was so dedicated to this cause. While Mr. Sheehan is no longer with us, I know he would be so proud to see his fellow soldiers, the “Chosin Few,” recognized for their bravery and heroism.”

Over the course of the brutal battle the U.N. forces inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy as they repelled multiple Chinese attacks.  Their valiant efforts allowed the evacuation of 100,000 North Korean civilians and resulted in the awarding of a record number of Navy Crosses and Medals of Honor.

“We can never fully repay these brave soldiers for the sacrifices they made”, said Kyrillos.  “However in memorializing their heroism, we as a community will show all who served that we will never, ever forget those who gave so much for our freedoms.”

“As time marches on it becomes too easy to forget the sacrifices that went into preserving the freedoms that we enjoy today,” said Rible.  “This measure will help ensure that the heroic actions of the Chosin Few will be remembered for years to come.”

Under the measure, S-225/A-1153, the Commissioner of Transportation will designate the portion of Route 35 in Monmouth County as the “Chosin Few Memorial Highway” and is to erect appropriate signage.