RED BANK, NJ - Chronic diseases and conditions are at epidemic levels. They include, among other things, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and fibromyalgia among others

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease or condition, the first step is to set aside the next few months to heal. Focus on one thing – daily exercises to bring your self the gift of good health and wellness. Let all other priorities give way to this one. Healing time is a time to indulge your self to build up by achieving and maintaining inner peace, while building up your energy, inner power and immune system.

While in the healing mode, eliminate all stress. Stress will agitate you and undermine your efforts to achieve and maintain inner peace. Stress damages your body’s ability to heal. Stress drains your energy and damages your immune system. So, stress will undermine your efforts to achieve and maintain inner peace and build up your energy, power and immune system.

While in the healing mode, avoid stressful situations and relationships. Take time off. Avoid negative, toxic and controlling people. Avoid co- dependant people. They will agitate you and drain your energy and inner power and energy. If you cannot avoid them altogether, then at least build strict boundaries with them and do not let them too close. Do not let them push you into drama and conflict. Try not to react to any attacks from them. If you do get pushed into a negative reaction, then take time to purge the residual negative emotions and thoughts and let them go. While in the healing mode, ask dependant people to take care of themselves if you can. Otherwise, ask a friend or family member to help.

While in the healing mode, avoid conflict and drama. Focus on complete relaxation. Bring yourself inner peace and peace of mind. Boost your inner power and energy. This is all done through meditation, deep breathing, spiritual and visualization exercises.

As you de-stress and boost your energy and vitality, your immune system will become stronger.

To bring inner peace and a peaceful mind, work with holistic healers as well as physicians. These include energy healers such as Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists and others.

A continuous state of relaxation and inner peace will enable life force energy to flow through you freely. The free flow of life force energy is great medicine. It will boost your immune system.  Here are some things you need to do now to heal:

Turn off the news.  Surround yourself with positive and happy people who love you. Spend more time in nature and surrounded your self with soothing music and art. Get massages. Take soothing baths. Have fun. Laugh and smile. Surround your self with soothing and upbeat music, beauty and things that make you happy and laugh.

Re-connect with spirit through your heart. Spirit or the Divine is the source of life force energy. This is done through prayer from your heart, meditation in your heart, visualizations and positive affirmations.

Forgive yourself and others in your heart and let go of past wrongs. This is done through prayer, meditation and visualization.

Detach from all obsessive desires. Obsessive attachment causes inner stress and agitation. Let go of rigid and negative beliefs and open your heart and mind. Adopt only one belief while in the healing mode- you love yourself and life and want to enjoy life. Live in your heart or body center and not in your thoughts. Thoughts tend to go negative especially when one has negative or rigid beliefs. So, be mindful of your thoughts and shift from negative to positive thoughts and images. Negative thoughts are stressful. Negative thoughts burn a lot of energy.  Move from negative to positive and unhappy to happy as soon as you can. It is important to quickly de-stress when hit with anger, anxiety, self pity or guilt. These negative and painful emotions will drain your energy and vitality. This is done through deep breathing exercises. Then detach from and purge these negative and painful emotions and related thoughts. This is done through visualization, meditation and prayer.

When hit by negative and painful emotions and thoughts, close your eyes and take some deep and slow breaths and focus solely on your breath. Let go of all else. Just concentrate on breathing until you become peaceful inside. As you develop peace of mind and peace of spirit and let go of negative and rigid beliefs and open your mind and heart, your thoughts will tend to be more positive. Your energy and vitality will improve.

Do visualizations to rid your self of the negative and painful past and related images. Do this to prevent the negative and painful past from continuing to dominate your conscious and unconscious mind and infect your beliefs and thoughts. Learn to live in the moment in your body center and in your senses not in your thoughts.

Focus on being positive, peaceful and happy. Focus on your blessings- especially the blessings of being alive and express gratitude for them to the Divine. Do not focus on what you lack. Find ways to enjoy the moments of life. Smile, laugh and dance. Treat your self with kindness and shut off the critical, judgmental and negative inner voice. This is done through meditation, visualization and positive affirmations.   

To help build up your physical body, eat a high nutrient diet (mostly fresh vegetables and fruit), take mega vitamins and supplements including vitamin A, B (B-6 and B-12 and Folic Acid and Niacin especially), C, D and E. Take antixoidants ( CoQ10, green tea), fish oil adatofens ( such as Reiki and shtaki mushrooms) and asrtagulus. Exercise daily. Walking a few miles each day is sufficient. Stretch and stand and sit straight without slouching so your energy flows freely through you.  Hydrate yourself with filtered water and breathe more deeply. All of these things will help boost your energy and get healing life energy to flow freely through you.     

You can learn specific techniques to reduce stress and boost your energy and immune system in the book The Road to Healing, Good Health and Wellness, available at, and kindle.

Michael E. Goldberg is a Reiki master and life coach. He is the author of The Road to healing, good Health and Wellness.