PISCATAWAY, NJ - The Reform Party of New Jersey held its state convention on April 14th in Piscataway.  Party founders Jacob Zychick, Dennis “DJ” Mikolay, and LaMont Rouse were reelected to their respective positions as Chairman, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

Margaret Chapman, a veteran of the United States Army and a breast cancer survivor, will be the party's candidate in the First Congressional District. Chapman is a vocal critic of Representative Rob Andrews, whom she believes is not readily accessible to his constituents. Chapman promised that if elected to the House of Representatives she would make a concerted effort to hear the concerns and needs of those in the district. Ms. Chapman's campaign website will be forthcoming. 

Mark D. Quick, a former Republican Committeeman and long-time conservative activist in Warren County, was formally nominated as the party's torchbearer in the Fifth Congressional District, where he will challenge incumbent Representative Scott Garrett. Mr. Quick also became a delegate to the Reform Party's National Convention, to be held this August in Philadelphia, and was selected to become a member of the RPUSA National Committee. Mr. Quick's campaign website is
Jack Freudenheim, an IT consultant who has done consulting work for several Fortune 500 companies, will present a fiscally conservative alternative to Rush Holt in the Twelfth Congressional District. Mr. Freudenheim, an environmentalist and advocate of clean energy, can be contacted via www.jackforcongress2012.com

Community activist Omar Dyer, a veteran of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and a leader in the effort to recall Jersey City Mayor Jeremiah Healy, became the Reform Party's candidate for United States Senate. Dyer's calls for political unity and his promise to end partisan bickering struck a chord with many Reform Party activists; he criticized both major parties based upon his experiences dealing with the Hudson County political machine. His website will be announced soon.

Other federal and local candidates will be announced in the next month.

Presidential candidate Andre Barnett, a fitness personality and entrepreneur from New York also addressed the convention. Mr. Barnett is considered one of the front-runner's for the party's nomination, competing against former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer, who recently abandoned the GOP to seek the nomination of Americans Elect and the Reform Party. Mr. Barnett defeated Governor Roemer will seventy percent of the vote during the convention's straw poll.

Also, Carl Bergmanson, former Mayor of Glen Ridge, spoke about the necessity of more competitive elections.