Seniors have earned their Medicare. We’ve earned the security of knowing that we can keep seeing the doctors we’ve come to trust and with whom we are comfortable after many years of treatment and checkups. Unfortunately, Congress created a flawed system to pay Medicare doctors. Unless Congress takes action to address this, seniors could lose their doctors and future generations could face having to give up the doctors they trust.

Right now, if nothing is done, Medicare doctors will receive a 25 percent pay cut beginning January 1, 2011. Congress must work together to stop this cut so seniors can continue to see their own physicians. Our elected officials have a responsibility to keep doctors in the Medicare program. Failing to act now means the cut to doctor pay will only grow larger and more and more doctors may be driven out of Medicare. This is not an acceptable situation.

AARP is committed to fighting against these doctor pay cuts. Seniors have earned the peace of mind that comes from seeing their own doctors over the course of their lifetimes and we are going to keep fighting until Congress takes action. Now is the time to find a common-sense solution.


Marilyn Askin

AARP New Jersey Chief Legislative Advocate