The ongoing rhetoric from the man occupying the mayor's chair is enough to make an intelligent citizen "sick to their stomach" ! This official has no ideas of his own and the only "tool in his toolkit" is intimidation and broken promises.

The conduct displayed at township committee meetings is reprehensible as he attempts to control any dissent or  differing points of view with the "five minute rule". The latest attempt to control the opinions  of the public is the despicable township act of ordering  removed,the informational sign for Candidates Night at the Lincroft School on October 28th from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m..sponsored by the Lincroft Village Green Association and moderated by the League of Women's Voters. This could not be more insulting to the intelligence of the voters in this community. Is this just another attempt to control information damaging to this majority. What are they hiding from?

In my opinion this is  more of the vicious, dirty politics gripping this township  under the current Republican majority. The attempt at  character assassination of the Democratic candidate distributed by this bunch of bullies on a mailer is atrocious. It certainly does tell us something about the authors  and their fitness for office. They are not qualified to administrate in a town of 68,000 residents of diverse political persuasions

Every one of those residents are entitled to representation and that's not happening under Scharfenberger and his  comrades. Government in Middletown,under three decades of a Republican majority has become a dictatorship that only represents the Republican party faithful. That must change!!

Barbara R. Thorpe