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Some recent letters to editors of local papers and associated articles, with attendant endorsements, have speculated that new changes are needed on the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders. Newer is not always better. The unknown is precisely that … the unknown.

This year, voters must know that what candidates claim to stand for is what they will deliver before they blindly vote to throw out all incumbents.

The following are just a few known facts about Freeholder candidate Judge John D'Amico;

* 1970's, private citizen D'Amico, founded the commuter advocacy group, Irate Shore Commuters Shore Commuter Coalition, itself a very productive organization.

*1980's, Freeholder D'Amico overcame the then Republican Freeholder majority opposition to save 200 acres of Swimming River Reservoir watershed lands from a 400-unit development. Today, this is Holmdel's portion of Thompson Park.  He understood and demonstrated that chasing ratables to reduce property taxes is a fallacy. (The more they build, the more we're billed).

* NJ Senator, D'Amico sponsored critical transportation and environment bills, including the Green Acres Bond and Clean Water Enforcement Acts.

*On the bench, Harvard-educated Judge D'Amico initiated the “Expedited Jury Trial" procedures that, statewide, have spared taxpayers enormous and unnecessary court costs.

*Feb. 2010, local newspapers reported on Freeholder D'Amico's proposals to save more than $30 million annually by privatizing the county jail and nursing homes. D'Amico historically, dots every "I" and crosses every "T" on budget line items to keep County spending down.

Change for only the sake of change is perilously simplistic. Harvard Law Graduate Senator/Freeholder/Judge John D'Amico is the only tried and true choice for Freeholder. Monmouth taxpayers need D'Amico's continued leadership.


Carole Balmer

Holmdel, NJ