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Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to encourage any relatives of, or possible future patients that were interested in learning more about New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Laws.  CMMNJ.org held a Patient’s Advisory Meeting where Patients of all degree were in attendance at this week’s meeting held in Jersey City, NJ “City Hall.”  It was a really good synopsis of how patients will continue to suffer, many even worse if the state continues to restrict the active ingredient of marijuana (THC) levels to only 10%.  Even though the 13 other medical marijuana states have no restrictions. Some are even scientifically working to increase these factors upwards to 20%, for the sake of medicine. This means patients will be forced to smoke or vaporize twice as much, simply to reach the effective level of discipline from pain and spasticity.

Living with multiple sclerosis for the past 14 years, the law’s provisions would only accommodate a mere 2 oz max per month. Currently my neuropathy and spasticity requires 1 oz per week, so I will still have to find the other 2 oz some other way.  I can’t see how this is what the state is trying to accomplish without incarcerating many more sick people. “Even before this outbreak, the nobles had agreed that somewhat more consideration must be shown to the common folk.” Draconian Law


Charles Kwiatkowski

Hazlet, NJ