Dear Editor,

My favorite quotes come from a founding father and former president, Thomas Jefferson, “the greatest good we can do is to heal party divisions and make them one people”. I believe that thought was intended to be translated right down to the local levels.  That would mean our political parties would actually be working for the betterment of the people they serve regardless of party affiliation.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see that happen in Middletown, my local neck of the woods.

I would then suppose the next thing the residents could hope for in our governing body is a system of checks and balances.  Well folks, we don’t have that either and that most certainly is not in our best interest.

On numerous occasions, Democrat Sean Byrnes has made motions that would well serve our residents. Sound ideas and advance planning need to be acted on in a non-partisan environment for the good of the community. Sean’s motions are never seconded and they die right there in the workshop – never discussed publicly. This is not the kind of governing the founding fathers planned for us.

Mary Mahoney an accomplished business woman, community advocate, civic leader, and long term Middletown resident has courageously stepped up to the plate as Mr. Byrnes running mate.  Something few of us would be willing to do during these difficult economic times.

Please help restore a system of checks and balances to Middletown’s governing body by casting your vote this November for Byrnes and Mahoney.


Mary Ellen Hintz

Lincroft, NJ