The people of Middletown have crucial decisions to make on November 2 of this election year. This community desperately needs new leadership that recognizes the concerns of the residents here .We can no longer  continue to condone  the mismanagement,  the displays of incompetence and the  failed policies of the republican majority on the township committee. Business as usual is contrary to prudent government.

Sean Byrnes is the only committee person willing to recognize the current economic conditions the residents of this town face. He has consistently voted against the failed policies of the  current majority now serving. Their priorities are themselves, their party and their cronies, in that order. They refuse to consider
the very valid suggestions, that have been offered by Mr. Byrnes to right the sinking ship that is government in Middletown. These republicans seem oblivious to reality as they ignore the fact that the people in this country are in revolt against unfair and excessive taxation.

As a resident of this township for forty three years .I believe Middletown will be a much better place to live when bipartisan government becomes a reality here. We cannot afford three more years of the blatant disdain and disregard  of the very people who pay the bills here....the taxpayers.

Time to vote for the re-election of Sean Byrnes and to elect his running mate,Mary Mahoney,...Mary is a person of honesty and integrity who shares Sean's vision  for a better Middletown and a government that serves and respects the people who live and pay taxes here.  Sean and Mary  are both  remarkable individuals.

Common sense must prevail over politics and the acute indifference that exists now towards the Middletown taxpayer.

Barbara R. Thorpe
Lincroft, NJ