Dear Editor,

After reading Mr. Winters letter that offered support for Mayor Scharfenberger and criticism for Committeeman Byrnes, I wondered why Mr. Winters would feel it necessary to reference President Obama and Nancy Pelosi when addressing local decision-making in Middletown.  Is it because Mr. Winters feels that he needs to divert attention away from Mayor Scharfenberger's  record of failure over the last 6 years?

For  the people that may be tempted to buy into Mr. Winters defense of the Mayor, I would ask them to to look at the rate of municipal tax increases in neighboring towns.  What other town saw a 12% increase in the municipal tax rate in 2010?

Committeeman Byrnes has been the advocate for the competitive bidding of professional contracts, consolidating maintenance functions between the Board of Education and the Township, slashing the recreation budget, privatizing leaf and brush pickup, and eliminating the 'cadillac' health plans that Township employees enjoy for life.  Unfortunately, Mayor Sharfenberger and this Republican majority, that have ruled this Township for 30 years have blocked these legitimate reforms.

I find it hard to believe that the  tax paying residents of Middletown could be deceived by the not so subtle attempts of  people like Mr. Winters to link Mr. Byrnes with President Obama or Nancy Pelosi.  His record confirms his stature as the only fiscal conservative on the Township Committee.  From where I sit, Middletown will be worse off if residents allow references to national politicians to determine local elections.


Debra Lynne Reid

Middletown NJ