Dear Editor:

I have been a resident of Middletown for 23 years, and have always been proud of our community and Township Committee.  Over the last few years, however, I have noticed a conspicuous lack of transparency in our local government, and have been quite disappointed by many of the decisions and policies pursued by the current leadership.  As a result, I believe it is time for a change.

This year, one of the candidates — Mary Mahoney — is someone I have known and worked with for many years. Mary is an exceptional individual who has consistently demonstrated her dedication to our town, and has proven to be an outstanding leader in our community.

I am proud to count Mary as one of my dearest friends whom I believe in and trust. I have had the privilege of working closely with Mary as officers on the Lincroft PTA executive board, and know firsthand how intelligent, dedicated and hardworking she is; Mary sincerely believes in the power of local government, and is willing to devote her time and considerable talents to Middletown by serving on the Township Committee.

This November, please join me in supporting a new direction for Middletown’s future, and cast your vote for Mary Mahoney.



Judy Krivitzky

Lincroft , NJ