Governor Chris Christie:

Re: “Big Dig” Hudson River Rail Tunnel


Thank you for halting this project to further study it’s cost.

Boston’s Big Dig cost was originally estimated at $2.8 billion and came in at $14.6 billion. Our new tunnel is estimated to cost $8.7 billion which means it will probably come in at about $43.5 billion.

Previous Hudson River tunnels were built by private enterprise that saw a need and filled it. Now politicians and bureaucrats see a need to create jobs for votes and feather their nests. New York City, with its super high taxes and multiple layers of government red tape creators, is no longer a magnet for job creation. Industries are leaving the city so there is no reason for building new wildly expensive tunnels for diminishing numbers of riders.

Governor, please end this “PIG DIG” now there is No need for it!


Yours truly,


Barry Caulfield

Fair Haven, NJ