Last week we commemorated the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the deadliest on our nation’s soil. We must safeguard our national security to assure that it never happens again.

Although the responsibility for national security falls primarily within the Executive Branch, Congress plays a fundamental role, by enacting laws to enable the President, the military, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and our first responders to carry out their vital functions.

How has Congressman Frank Pallone fared on national security? In its National Security Scorecard, Keep America Safe (KAS) gave Pallone an ‘F.’ KAS scored representatives on 27 key votes taken since the 9/11 attacks on issues such as the Patriot Act, intelligence, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, detainees, and missile defense. According to KAS, Pallone consistently takes votes that endanger our national security.

Conversely, Anna C. Little, Pallone’s opponent for the Sixth Congressional District seat, takes firm positions on national security. She favors vigorous antiterrorism measures, believes we should not withdraw from Afghanistan until we achieve victory, and strongly supports preparation of our military to meet our challenges.

Pallone also fails on border security, an issue not covered by KAS. Terrorists and criminals can easily come through our borders. Yet, Pallone voted against erecting a fence on our vulnerable southern border. Contrarily, Anna Little favors the fence and further strengthening our border patrols.

When voting this November, consider the importance of Congress to our national security. As our representative, Anna Little will fight to keep our land safe and secure.



Lyle H. Himmel

Aberdeen, NJ