Sometimes, the TRUTH of what many in the political arena do is powerfully expressed and exposed in the daily comics more so than in many of the printed news stories.  Case in point, the comic Non-Sequiter; it was in the paper I normally read, the Asbury Park Press in Thursday September 2, 2010 edition.  It was only one bloc, the title " The Intricate Mechanics of Government "; it showed a maze with one very small crawl through entrance for the public which led nowhere and an open entrance leading right to the politician which was labeled LOBBYIST ENTRANCE !  TRUTH spoken by a single comic bloc.

The stunning aspect of it, if you are like me; you are not surprised or at least you should not be.  One only has to dig into who is filling the coffer of Congressman Frank Pallone, check the websites of governmental watchdog sites and learn of the thousands of dollars given by health care and drug companies to name a few.  Is it any wonder he said " I don't care what you think " to the people who opposed his health care bill.  What a surprise !  For all who are tired of a politician who says " I don't care what you think " and who does not listen to the people of the Sixth Congressional District.

We Can SURPRISE you !  We have a CHOICE !  I suppose one could let you continue to ignore us, the people of the Sixth District or we can look to a person who speaks her mind, who will listen to the people of the Sixth Congressional District, who is not getting hundreds of thousand dollars from special interests.  We can look at a person who will answer a question with an answer, not a talking point; and who believes that this Congressional Seat belongs to you.  I am speaking of Anna Little.  If you don't know where Anna Little stands on the issues you can go to and see for yourself.  If you are like me you will come to the conclusion that Anna Little is no LITTLE DEAL she is the REAL DEAL and will give us, the voters; the chance to start taking down the " MAZE "and turn big government back to " LITTLE GOVERNMENT WHICH IS GOOD GOVERNMENT ".

Guess who gets my vote on November 2nd?  If you can't by now, it is Anna Little.

Don Geiger
Ocean, N.J.