It’s time to clean up Washington D.C.  Our country has been poisoned with arrogant, self-serving policies and control freaks.   Frank Pallone is has served himself more than he has served the people of New Jersey - having feasted at the public trough too long and I believe, been infected by the special interest groups and their lobbyists.

Frank Pallone is one of the leading career politicians who have adopted the Progressive ideology – a  belief that these career politicians know more than their constituents – that they are the pseudo “Fathers” and “Mothers” who can dictate to you their “children”, their less than able constituents what they deem to be best for you. Progressives think you are too stupid to fend for yourselves and therefore they must build an ever growing central government to make the decisions that they feel are best for you. What they are really after is to make the majority of the electorate wholly dependent on them and their elitist parasitic partners, so that they can continue indefinitely to control your lives – to maintain their power over you and your neighbors. That is their goal and they have been at it for a long, long time, while you have been busy trying to make a living for yourselves and your families. You have been unwittingly allowing them to grow and consolidate their power to enhance their station in life at your expense – at the expense of your freedom to control your own destinies.

How long have these Progressives been at it? The Democratic Party has been in control of the House of Representatives for 58 of the last 65 years, and in control of the Senate for 55 of the last 65 years. The main problem has been the increasingly Progressive ideological agenda of the Democratic Party, which has driven our Republic further and further to the political left. Even when the Republican Party was able to gain control, there were Progressive thinkers within their ranks pushing the agenda of big government, if perhaps Big Government Lite. Pallone is a member of the House Progressive Caucus, which is instrumental in continuing the Progressive agenda to move America further and further to leftist, Socialist policies. He has been in Congress since first elected in 1988. No one who stays in national office more than 12 years is so saintly that they can remain pure as the driven snow. Human nature is such that the lure of powerful elitist status and the favors required to repay the money machine driven by fat cat lobbyists and special interest groups can overwhelm even the best of people, who initially set out to do good and want to be good servants. Instead, after so many years in the D.C. swamp, practically all such good intentions fall by the wayside.

Retiring Frank Pallone is necessary to return New Jersey (and America) to rule by the people and for the people. This is not just a call to replace Pallone with a RINO Republican, or a Progressive-Lite Republican. It is a call to elect someone in his place who will be a true servant and guardian of our constitution. That person is Anna Little!  She is the one who will represent New Jersey and America with honor, dignity, and a faith in the constitution.

Anna Little believes that a congressional representative elected by the people of a Congressional District should serve the people of that district according to the core values manifested in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. In drafting theses documents, our founding fathers gave birth to a Republic unlike any in the history of the world. It was that foresight that laid the foundation for the greatest bastion of freedom and productivity known to mankind.

In concert with that philosophy, Anna Little believes in the core values of fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited government.    Visit her website to read for yourself her position on each of the issues:

Look at Frank Pallone’s record - it is clear that he has not served New Jersey with respect to our core values and those that made this country the greatest in history.  He has a favorability rating from many organizations that have long been following an anti-republic, social-democratic agenda. Anna Little wants to restore the values that made America that shining example of freedom and prosperity.


Dru Reynolds
Ocean Grove, NJ