On January 6th 2008, Frank Pallone, Jr. was officially sworn in for his 11th full term in the U.S. House of Representatives.   Frank Pallone is obviously not for congressional term limits.  Frank is a career political, and is now pursuing his 12th term in congress.  Frank is also proud to announce he is currently celebrating his 111th congress approval rating of 16%.  Also according to the latest  Rasmussen Report,  "Only 12% of voters believe most members of Congress are more interested in helping people than in helping their own careers; while 76% say most in Congress put their own careers first."

Pallone is proud to announce he is working hard with lobbyist, and special interests instead of, "We the People" of the  6th Congressional District.  Frank wouldn't like the people of Middlesex, Bayshore, Monmouth, Plainfeild, and Franklin to know he has spent over 56.3 million dollars in pork barrel ear mark projects from 2008-2010.  During his anticipated lame duck session, he will add additional spending to that debt.

During Frank's career in the once prosperous New Jersey, the opportunities for middle-class citizens has vanished.   Pallone's policies have driven the wealth and jobs from New Jersey to other neighboring states that are more business friendly.  From 2004-2008, author John Havens found "a large decline in the number of wealthy households entering New Jersey" as well as "a moderate increase in the outflow of wealthy households leaving." The result: a net decline of $70 billion in household wealth for the state of New Jersey.  

In the 111th Congress, Pallone is a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee which is responsible for a list of extremely unpopular, and small business crushing legislation. Frank Pallone supports mandating every American to buy Government Health care insurance.  The socialistic takeover of medicine will force all Americans to pay for health insurance or be subject to violations, penalties and fines.

Pallone supports the Health Care bill even though support for repealing the bill is at its highest level.  Many voters know Socialism programs are not helpful in a Free Market Economy. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of Likely Voters shows that 60% want the Healthcare bill repealed.   The mandatory health insurance bill will cost tax payers "$940 billion over 10 years," according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Frank Pallone is also responsible for unpopular new spending programs like the Cap and Trade Bill which Taxes Carbon Emissions.  The new tax will surely raise the costs for small business owners, who will have no choice but to pass the cost on to the struggling consumer. The objective of the Carbon Tax is supposed to control greenhouse gases; but it undoubtedly is a new tax, expense, or fine.  Rasmussen reports Frank Pallone's legislation "relies on revenues from the by cap-and-trade tax -- an estimated $645 billion over the next 10 years."

Frank supported yet another spending program; HR 2454, which adds more big government bureaucracy to "Building Standards, Appliance Standards, and Vehicle Standards".   Frank thinks New Jersey needs more rules, regulations, and enforcement funded by us, the hurting tax payers.  John Boehner expressed opposition to the bill, "Are you having a hard time selling your home? Here’s one more hurdle to jump: all home sales are conditioned upon an energy audit and a new energy rating assessment and energy labeling program for your home that’s outlined in this bill.  Now your home will be subjected to a new energy rating assessment and energy labeling program that will penalize you for older windows, original fixtures, and dated appliances."  This bill will do much more harm than good during the recession, as it would bring the value of your home down for each specification not met.  No wonder the latest Rasmussen poll shows that only "28% of Likely Voters say the country is heading in the right direction."

Frank Pallone supported H.R. 3534, the Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources, or the CLEAR Act.  Ironically, the only thing clear is the huge government takeover and control of major resources.  This bill rode the wave of hysteria following the BP oil spill, and quickly enacted new taxes, fees, and big government bureaucracy.  It's CLEAR this bill  imposes job-killing changes and higher taxes for onshore natural gas and of its production.  It's CLEAR that it creates over $30 billion in new mandatory spending for two programs that have nothing to do with the oil spill. It's CLEAR this bill raises taxes by over $22 billion in ten years . This is a direct tax on natural gas and oil that will raise energy prices for American families and businesses, hurt domestic jobs, and increase our dependence on foreign oil.  This tax only applies to U.S. oil and gas production on federal leases – giving an advantage to foreign oil and hurting American energy jobs.  It is CLEAR the bill requires the federal takeover of state authority to permit in state waters, which reverses sixty years of precedent. .  Finally, it is CLEAR that the bill allows 10% of all offshore revenues – an amount possibly as high as $500 million per year – to be spent on a new fund controlled by the Interior Secretary to issue ocean research grants.

Frank Pallone takes the lead role in developing and implementing the Democratic Party’s talking points and propaganda used to push the national agenda on big government programs.  Pallone holds an important influential position within the Democratic Caucus as the Communications Chair of the Democratic Policy Committee.  Pallone's think tank is responsible for coordinating the best possible way to spin, and selling Obama's unpopular socialistic agenda.   Pallone focused on the expansion of the health insurance mandate, the carbon tax, and earmark spending.   Frank is consistent in working with the Washington Big Government spending machine; instead of representing New Jersey voters.

While Pallone was in office, he watched the lowest New Jersey unemployment rate of only 3.6%.  However, according to NJ.com the Unemployment rate is now 9.7%.  That number doesn't tell the entire truth.  The U-6, also known as the Real Unemployment Rate in New Jersey take in account all unemployed people, plus all marginally attached workers, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all marginally attached workers.  New Jersey's U6 is over a mind blowing 19.4%.   1 in 5 people in New Jersey are unemployed, have stopped looking for work, or are working just a few part time hours. 

Nationally, during Frank's career, the once forgotten surplus has become a national debt of 13,300,000,000.00 (13.3 trillion),  putting each tax payer into about $120,348.00 in debt according to "UsDebtClock.org."  

November 2, New Jersey will have a choice.  Frank Pallone or the Tea Party Approved Anna Little.  Anna is a Constitutional Conservative Candidate. She will fight to bring jobs back to New Jersey, lower taxes, and cut the unnecessary spending that has gotten both, New Jersey and the United States of America into the new greatest recession since the Great Depression.  "Little government is good government."

Sergeant Christopher Shalaby
Keansburg, NJ