Middletown republican majority has done an excellent job curbing spending while maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in the region.  Middletown is listed as one of the 100 best place to live in the united states.

First, Mayor Scharfenberger and the majority republican township committee have cut the government workforce by 40 employees, giving the township one of the lowest per capita workforces in the state.  Second, unlike the Middletown teacher's union, Middletown republicans have demanded salary freezes by all the township's unions this year, and got a salary freeze in addition to a health care contribution.  Finally, when the school budget came before the township committee upon the voters’ rejection this year, it cut over $2 million in expenses.

Desperate democrats like Sean Byrnes, who is lead by union officials in his party, whine about cuts for bureaucratic committees to examine them while failing to provide any realistic solutions. We don't need any more bureaucracy, we need action, and that is what mayor Scharfenberger and the republican majority on the township committee has given us,

Veronica Kane

Middletown Township, NJ