Enough is enough! When are Frank Pallone and this Democratic Congress going to stop spending away our children’s future?  With the most recent decision to spend 26 billion dollars to save 200,000 public sector jobs including  teachers, police and others from layoffs this election year, they are doing it again.  So, don’t tell us that this will benefit our children.  This simply puts off the inevitable and will make the resulting situation more difficult when it finally has to be stopped.  We can’t continue this kind of deficit spending.  Is this how Frank Pallone, as he says on his web site, is going to “…continue to fight for progressive policies to move New Jersey and our nation into the 21st century”?   It’s this kind of governing that has gotten New Jersey into the fiscal trouble that it is in. Is this how we want to move into the 21st century?

Twenty years in congress is much too long!  Frank Pallone is out of touch with what residents of New Jersey want.

In case you were wondering what Frank has been doing lately?  He says on his Web Site that he has…”been busy protecting and creating American jobs.”  That translates into – not much!  He’s been “…working hard to fulfill the mandate given to President Obama…” he says.  That translates into – not listening and not representing the voters of his district.  How much better off are we since President Obama took office and the Democratic Party has been in control of both houses of congress?  We know that we are not better off.  Stop telling us that we are.  It’s obvious that we need a change in November.

Vote for Anna C. Little this November 2nd for congress of New Jersey’s 6th district. She’s out there listening to you the voter.  She supports across the board reduction in taxes and unnecessary regulation.  This reduction will result in much needed job creation.  Job creation is something that we can all understand.

Elizabeth Kassan
Atlantic Highlands, NJ


Quotes from PalloneforNewJersey.com, 100 Days by Frank Pallone  7/27/2010