By the People and For the People

Are we still that kind of country or is it gradually being taken away from the people?  It sure seems that the current Administration along with the Senate and House Leadership in Congress believe that they know what is best for the people, even when the people attempt to tell them what they really want and don’t want. 

What better way can this be seen than with the new Obama Health Plan which was passed this year in spite of the vast numbers of people who were opposed to it.  While it seems that it was forced upon us, the potential negatives of this plan may be with us for some time to come with things such as:

  • Abortion coverage that Americans don’t want
  • Exorbitant costs that Americans don’t want
  • Mandatory participation that Americans don’t want
  • Rationing of healthcare that Americans don’t want
  • New federal bureaucracies that Americans don’t want
  • An expansion of IRS power that Americans don’t want

With Congressional elections coming up in November, it is time for the people to be heard by someone who will listen to what the people really want and do what is best for the people of New Jersey and the entire Country.  We have that kind of opportunity by giving our support to Anna C. Little for Congress in the 6th District of New Jersey.


Bill Thorne

Ocean Twp.