No Jobs, Under Paid, No one is Hiring, Out of work

Have the US Post Office create a low cost “Local Post Office Bulk Rate Permit” for small start-up home businesses (10 employees or less). This would be limited to local businesses who deliver their mailing to their local area post offices.

This mail doesn’t need addressing beyond (one each address - in the permit box). This mail is local, the letter carriers don’t have to case it. Casing mail takes as much as 25% of a carriers time. Local mailings don’t have any additional shipping costs. Most bulk mailing today originates out of the local area and the Post Office does the shipping for free.

Main St. is dead and most start up businesses are home based. They are for the most part service business. They are specialty businesses (home repair, catering, lawn services, air port limo’s, power washing, ornamental welding and 100’s of others).

They are local businesses who will pay taxes and provide jobs locally. The Post Office needs bulk mail as this mail covers most of their operating costs.
These businesses will rely on local graphic artists and printers to create their mail pieces. MORE LOCAL JOBS.

Regional papers, TV stations and mailers will cry “your taking our business”. This isn’t really true because most start up businesses just don’t have the dollars to advertise in regional publications. Or the ability to service customers in a larger  market area.

Anything you can do to encourage an ambitious capable under-employed person, to start their own part time or full time business is the right thing to do.


David Hermanson
Middletown, NJ