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I find it ironic that Democrat County Committeewoman Marilyn Tuohy chastised Middletown Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger for supporting an Assembly bill that would subject union political contributions to the state pay to play laws. (Middletown Mayor's Priorities Misplaced While it is understandable that Ms. Tuohy would defend municipal unions who are major contributors to the Democrat party, it doesn’t bode well for the taxpayers of New Jersey.

It appears that Ms. Tuohy is oblivious to the economic condition of the state that has been caused in large part by years of unsustainable, excessive union contracts.  Conversely, Mayor Scharfenberger has been extremely outspoken in his support of reining in union contracts and securing common sense contributions to health benefits and pensions.  His aggressive support of Governor Christie’s hardline stance against union excess, property tax cap and “mayor’s tool kit” shows a firm grasp of what it will take to help turn the state around.

The municipal unions, who pour millions into the campaigns of Democrat candidates, then negotiate with those same officials once in office.  This creates a clear conflict that ultimately results in the highest property taxes in the nation.  As a New Jersey taxpayer, I applaud the efforts of both Governor Christie and Mayor Scharfenberger as they work together to help save the state from the disastrous policies of the past.


Michael Vitkansas
Middletown NJ