Frank Pallone:

I was thrilled to know that you were coming to Red Bank to give us your thoughts on Financial Reform. I was interested in two subjects that I had hoped you would speak on:

1. A suggestion to reduce the cost of congressmen by 20% based on the realization that they are all way overpaid and underworked.

2.  I thought your reform might include the return of the $28,000.00 donation /bribe you shared with Lautenberg, Menendez and Rothman. This money was for leaning on the Federal Drug Administration to push the approval of a medical device that they had repeatedly rejected. I’m sure you all have medical degrees that let you override any FDA recommendations. All of this information can be confirmed by going to Google and entering pallone/regen.

Alas none of the above was mentioned and we were treated to the usual “Frankie the Flipper” vapid speech. Disappointed

Barry Caulfield
Fair Haven, NJ