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I would like to  extend my gratitude to Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger for having the courage to halt the proposed turf field project.  While I recognize the need for the Township of Middletown to maintain and upgrade our park facilities, the current economic conditions in the State make such projects economically unwise.

Having heard all of the arguments for and against this project, I have concluded that this is the best possible outcome for every taxpayer in Middletown. Most importantly, it is refreshing to have someone in office that shows strong leadership in an issue that has become increasingly contentious and controversial over time.

Even at recent Township meetings when tempers flared and some residents became overly boisterous, the Mayor always kept his cool and treated everyone fairly and respectfully.  I know I speak for many in our community when I say to Mayor Scharfenberger, thank you for your service and leadership.


Richard C. Winters
Lincroft, NJ