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Dear Attorney General Sessions,

   Several states and DC have already approved so called legalization of cannabis to the general public. New Jersey is poised to be the next state approving so called legal cannabis. New Jersey currently has a law that prosecutes anyone who sells or provides a controlled substance to a person which results in their death. It is a felony with a 20 year prison sentence. 

    I propose that a similar federal law be enacted if there is not one already. If the NJ legislature signs legal cannabis into law they should be held liable if anyone dies for any reason as a result of using cannabis or any of its derivatives. The NJ legislature in effect is enabling and facilitating persons of all ages to use THC,CBD, marijuana, cannabis and any of its derivatives.

    This is all in opposition to federal law which prohibits the sale and transportation and use of cannabis in any form. A strong federal law is needed to prosecute any enabler or facilitator, whether they be ordinary persons or elected officials, acting as scofflaws. Cannabis is a known carcinogen and hallucinogen and is not approved by the FDA.



Paul H. Sniffen
Rumson, NJ