Dear Editor:

Only in Chris Christie’s culture of arrogance and entitlement could Stephanie Murray run for reelection to the Middletown Township Committee under the slogan “Taxpayers First.” Ms. Murray had a tax lien on her home for unpaid income taxes and now earns a living from a second taxpayer funded job. In August she was appointed Borough Administrator for West Long Branch notwithstanding that she has no real financial training. Her running mate Tony Fiore who also seeks reelection to the Middletown Township Committee is part of the same culture. Mr. Fiore “boasts about… his fiscally austere ways, mirroring the methodology of Governor Chris Christie.” (Middletown Patch, November 7, 2011). Perhaps Mr. Fiore does not know that under the Christie regime, New Jersey’s credit rating has been lowered a record 11 times. (New, March 27, 2017).

Mr. Christie, Ms. Murray, and Mr. Fiore are perfect together. Let’s keep them together. By voting out Ms. Murray and Mr. Fiore on November 7, 2017, they can join Mr. Christie who thankfully leaves office in January 2018.


R. Judice
Middletown, nj