To the voters in NJ District 13.

It gives me great pleasure to offer my endorsement of Tom Giaimo for the New Jersey assembly, 13th district. Why do I offer this support? Because Tom has all the qualities that I want for my representative. Just to name a few:

• He is very familiar with the area he is to represent as a lifelong resident of Middletown with a law office in Rumson.
• As a professional lawyer he is well versed in real estate law and issues relating to NJ’s housing situation.
• His character and honest are beyond reproach.
• He is beholden to no special interest group.
• He is a devoted husband and father.
• His children all went to local schools so he is acutely aware of the educational opportunities and needs of our school systems.
• He is a concerned citizen who has volunteered his services to serve the community which I know he will do in a sane, levelheaded and respectful manner. A quality that many lack in today’s poisoned political climate. The state of New Jersey must take a leadership position on issues of national and state importance that are being ignored or undermined by this administration. To cite a few; climate change, stricter gun laws and protecting “dreamers”. I know Tom is on the enlightened side of thee issues.

I can’t think of a better choice to represent me and my fellow district 13 residents.


Rudolph Kassinger
Rumson, NJ