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Dear Editor,

While most citizens support legalizing cannabis in New Jersey, the current proposal from Senator Scutari to do so is unworkable.

New Jersey created a broken medical cannabis program by not allowing patients to legally grow their own medicine, and is about to replicate this overpriced, poor quality, mafia-style monopoly system by preventing consumers from being allowed to grow their own adult use cannabis. The Scutari proposal on legalization is also flawed because 18-20 year old adults would still face adult criminal records for mere possession.

Because of the high cost and poor quality offered by NJ medical cannabis dispensaries, most patients still rely on the black market or visit out-of-state dispensaries to shop, and risk arrest bringing medicine home.

Our next governor, Phil Murphy must ensure that any new law must allow home gardening of cannabis, and not arbitrarily leave 18-20 year old adults facing arrest.

Eric Hafner
Toms River