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To the Editor:

Once again, the residents of Monmouth County have proven that the Monmouth County Library is truly the heart of the community.

The standing room only crowd at Sunday’s outstanding dramatic performance as well as the Tim McLoone concert at the Library Headquarters in Manalapan showed that Monmouth County residents certainly appreciate a blend of history and music and see the combination as an entertaining way to spend an afternoon.

The professionals who portrayed Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in their Federalist Papers debate of the 18th century captivated the crowd with their attention to detail, their dress, and their decorum. They further delighted the crowd by inviting a question and answer segment at the end of their debate, and cleverly responded to queries as diverse as comparing today’s electoral college to what our forefathers envisioned, to why Jefferson was not a signer of the Constitution. And they continued their response to the crowd seeking photographs and further interaction by graciously extending their discussion in the upper lobby following their presentation.

Monmouth County’s favorite and generous musician Tim McLoone and his band are always a crowd pleaser, and always a draw for people of all ages. While intellects may have been delightfully challenged during the 18th century debate, it was hand clapping and foot tapping that got the exercise during the afternoon concert that followed.

The Library extends thanks to the media who continue to keep our wide variety of events and activities in the news and ensure that Monmouth County residents are aware of the treasures that lie not only within the halls of our Library Headquarters and all its branches but literally in the Palm of their Hand through the technology which enables the library to keep its members connected at all times.


Renee B. Swartz

Chair, Monmouth County Library Commission