To the Editor:

  Congratulations to the Holmdel Mayor and Township Committee as well as all the residents of Holmdel who have certainly made it known how much they value and appreciate the Monmouth County Library system.

   The Commission has worked long and diligently to keep the library in, as we like to say, the Palm of the Hand of its users. Making the Holmdel Library branch of the Monmouth County Library the centerpiece in the renaissance of this magnificent building, which was once the home of so many Nobel Peace Prize recipients, is testimony to the importance the Township Committee, the company and the residents of Holmdel place on education and technology.

    The 20,000 square feet of space being dedicated to the library enables ample opportunity to incorporate individual areas for children, teens, adults, general information, history, theater, research, meetings and so much more, providing not only for recreation, but also  social, entertainment, cultural and historic education and pursuits in this community centerfold which epitomizes  the very bright future of Holmdel.

    The Commission stands ready to do all we can to facilitate plans for what will truly be an unparalleled resource for education and a true heartbeat of the Holmdel community.

Renee B. Swartz, Chairperson

Monmouth County Library Commission