The New Jersey Libertarian Party opposes Governor Christie's proposed $300 Million renovation of the statehouse. While New Jersey citizens are exploited by high taxes and our children suffer from inadequate education, it is unfathomable for politicians to be wasting taxpayer dollars on their own opulence.

Christie says portions of the statehouse are in danger of a "catastrophic failure." The real catastrophic failure is what happens inside the statehouse. While Republicans and Democrats quibble over inconsequential distractions New Jersey veers closer and closer to insolvency.

Christie argues the building must be protected because "It was passed down, literally, by our founding fathers." The true legacy of New Jersey's founding fathers is standing up for liberty. Yet today most New Jerseyans enjoy neither the liberty nor the prosperity espoused by our state motto.

"To leave the statehouse in this condition is an embarrassment," Christie says. "And quite frankly it's shameful." To the Citizens of New Jersey the most embarrassing and shameful part of the statehouse is the corruption and waste of taxpayer money it produces year after year.

The statehouse is a symbol of everything broken by the two-party system in New Jersey. Before we fix a playground for politicians let's fix the state itself.

Libertarians are New Jersey's third largest and fastest-growing party. We believe liberty is the foundation of justice and a peaceful, prosperous America.

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