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Atlantic Highlands has been run into the ground by our previous mayor and town council. Fred Rast clearly pulled the strings on the last mayoral election (see the letter he circulated to all voters) and is in the process of trying to do it again by having democratic candidates for council running as independents.  

Our harbor is one of the largest on the east coast and yet due to mismanagement by a harbor commission that has been in place and run via cronyism fails to provide our town with an appropriate revenue stream. The Atlantic Highlands Harbor commission should be revamped to eliminate the political component that is using its revenues and influences for political gain.

Its time to clean house, I cannot sit still as our property taxes spiral beyond our means while we have no control.  I’m a registered democrat voting the republican ticket on Nov 8. I implore you to do the same so we can take our town back.

Best Regards,

Stephen Mackin
Atlantic Highlands NJ