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Bragging about groping and sexually assaulting someone is no laughing matter, regardless of one’s political affiliation. We’ve certainly seen headlines over the years highlighting such inappropriate behaviors from both Republican and Democrat officials, and many of us have heard similar things from individuals not in the public realm, and it is simply not acceptable. 

Bottom line, no one deserves to be sexually assaulted or raped, and these crimes can affect anyone.  In fact, U.S. Department of Justice data indicates that as many as 1 in 5 women will have been raped in their lifetimes, and 1 in 33 men will have been raped.  The numbers of those experiencing sexual assault is even greater. 

Individuals who’ve experienced rape or sexual assault are at higher risk of developing post traumatic stress disorders, depression and anxiety, and even suicide.  We encourage anyone affected by sexual assault or rape to call our hotline at 888 264-RAPE as help is a phone call away.  For more information about our services our website is www.180nj.org.


Anna Diaz-White
Executive Director
180 Turning Lives Around, Inc.