The second presidential debate took place this past weekend with just about every female news anchor or TV personality taking a harsh swipe at Donald Trump for his past remarks on women. Never mind his taped conversation was made eleven years ago. Many women took offense and I fully understand. It was however a moment in time for some of the fairer sex seeking retribution. For all those times when they were stood up on a date in high school to a once fleeting romance that went sour. To be blunt, Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. While I watched the presidential debate, I could feel the heat penetrating the wide screen television.

Mr. Trump dismissed his past comments as locker room talk. The media and Clinton campaign seized on his remarks as though he was the ONLY man in America who ever talked despairingly about women. Well, I have news for everyone. This type of talk has existed amongst men for centuries. If men aren’t talking about sports, then they talk about women- in bars, frat parties, at work, golf courses or someplace in-between. This should not be a shock to anyone, just ask any waitress. I admit, not all comments about women are malicious in nature, some are quite complimentary.

I don’t condone Mr. Trump’s remarks. While the national news media spent days hammering away on those unfortunate Trump remarks, they certainly were remiss or spent just a few minutes discussing the ethics and/or morality of the Clintons. Bill donating used under wear to charity. Hillary defending a rapist in court years ago as legal counsel. Bill’s sexual transgressions. When all is said and done, I’m not convinced Donald Trump should be singled out, wearing an Albatross about his neck. In many ways, this is a distraction from other underlying issues affecting national politics.

Donald Trump beat out sixteen contenders in the Republican primaries. Over $50 million dollars was spent to stop him. The people who spent this money, mostly from establishment Republicans and corporate donors, simply stated got nothing for their money. Sour grapes? You bet. Typically, the winner of the primary helps defray the campaign cost of his opponent(s). In return he obtains their support in the national election. Not this time around at least on the Republican side of the house.

Wall Street and Washington continue to fleece the American public. The latest financial pillaging is from Wells Fargo. All the details are in published news articles and congressional testimony. Donald Trump continues to run an unconventional campaign, and special interests aren’t happy that someone wants to take away their candy money- lucrative government contracts, zero accountability jobs, special tax treatment and more.

Yes, I started this narrative by stating the obvious. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. While some might be inclined to disagree with my views; I ask if we really want to maintain the status quo. Are we to become a nation without borders? How many more jobs shall we export? Who is going to pay for road repairs, airports, healthcare and public education? None of these can be paid for by low income jobs, simply wishing for a low cost solution or kicking the can down the road.

I conclude by saying men should treat women better- publically and privately. If you don’t like what you see and hear about men, ask yourself what institutions mold young men into better citizens and fathers. Our churches are near empty, the scouts are looking for a few more good men, adult leaders to be precise. Very few step up to the plate. Society has to take a hard look in the mirror. We do reap what we sow.


Gerald Thomas
Atlantic Highlands, NJ