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Mayor & Council,

I am not sure if you saw the whimsical murals that were painted on the building on Edwards Way in the center of our Artsy town.  If not take a walk over there today before they are taken down!!  

Atlantic Highlands has worked hard for the past 10 or so years to develop a reputation for promoting all forms of art in our town.  The owner of the building on Edwards Way was approached by members of the Arts Council to see if they could paint the blank wood (former windows) just to add some fun and whimsy to the alley. 

Not thinking this was any problem, other than adding some color to the building the owner agreed.  The result was artistic & bright, just what you would expect in “Artsy Atlantic Highlands”!  The donated murals were a hit & made the front page of the Atlantic Highlands Herald!  We have enjoyed them for just a few days (they are not quite complete yet) until code enforcement decided they were against town regulations and need to come down!  I ask, is this really necessary?  Does everything in town need to be dragged out through planning & zoning board meetings?  Costing business owners & tax payers money?  

Downtown Atlantic Highlands business owners have struggled for many years with the down turn in the economy.  We need to make our town more business friendly and attract people to our town, not discourage business from coming here.  It is time to help the town thrive and maybe time for some of the archaic zoning rules to be changed in the “Historic” district.  These murals are not signage or promoting anything other than beauty, art & fun!  We should welcome them with open arms!

Mary Lynn Hughes
Atlantic Highlands, NJ


Editor's note:  [Unconfirmed report] Code Enforcement Officer Richard Rast will be available to answer questions from the public tomorrow Wed. Oct. 12 at 4:30 PM in the borough hall.