Open Letter to the NJ Legislature:

I am extremely disappointed with the state of politics in our land.   More is done to advance the party than the citizens they "serve".  Thus it has always been.

We do not need to raise more taxes on the middle class.  WE already feel the effects of overtaxation.  My wife has just retired, and I am not far behind her.  We feel the burden of property taxes, income taxes, and sales taxes.  I drive carefully and do not spend $650 annual on car repairs.  I downsized 5 years ago and bought a Hyundai Accent, a subcompact.  But even at 35 mpg, this gas tax increase will impact me and my wife.

Find another solution that does not impact the young families and working stiffs and, especially, those on fixed incomes.

The State and its agencies must be better stewards of our money and resources.   

Stop playing around the edges with tax policy.  Quit patching these budgets and work with less.  We ALL have to work with less.


Allan Dean
Atlantic Highlands, NJ


p.s.  I urge Herald readers to contact your legislators and tell them not to increase the gas tax.  They will vote on it Wednesday, Oct. 5th.