September is Childhood Cancer month and the color to be displayed is Gold.  We are half through the month and I have seen very little Gold around.  What a shame people paint the town Pink and continue raising money all year but Childhood Cancer is ignored.  Youngsters who have hardly had a chance to experience life are dying and no one can remember their month or make a specific donation to those organizations that focus particularly on Childhood Cancer.   Only about 4 -6 % of money raised for Cancer is given to Childhood Cancer.

Seek out those places like St. Jude's, The Valerie Fund, or Let's Make Some Noise that actually concentrate on Childhood Cancer.  There is also An American Childhood Cancer organization that you can research but I don't know much about them.

Maybe we can remember in the beginning of next September and make it a great fund raising month for the children.  It's not too late to show some support this year as well.

Thank you,
Carol Bucco
Highlands, NJ