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To Whom It May Concern:

The murder of five police officers at a peaceful Black Lives Rally last week in Minnesota was a horrific and tragic event. This type of an 'eye for an eye' mentality will never be effective. And this type of tragedy certainly warrants the lowering of the American Flag in our beautiful borough of Atlantic Highlands, both in municipal buildings and along Memorial Parkway.

I wonder though why the murder of 49 people at a Gay club in Orlando, FL would not demand the same respect? When I asked the Borough Administrator, I was told the resources were not available (a truck in Middletown) and the Police Chief had decided it was too dangerous for his staff to try and lower flags along the very highly trafficked Memorial Parkway. Totally understandable, given the number of cars and trucks frequenting this road.

My questions is why now then? Does one particular segment of population (Police) warrant more respect than others (people in a Gay club)? Or, have we found the resources necessary to pay equal respect to all?


Deborah A. Barbagallo
Atlantic Highlands, NJ