Dear Editor,

Many small-minded people who work inside of New Jersey's K-12 education system mislead parents of children registering for school, by claiming that there are required documents to register a child in school.

State law says a school district is required to register any student of school age who says they live within the district. Even if the child and parent lack any form of ID or other official documentation, the child still must be registered and allowed to attend school.

Districts must admit the student and then the parent may provide whatever documents they can get together. It is the "totality" of those documents that can prove residency.

For example, a birth certificate and a piece of mail would more than be sufficient ID under the law.

To protect your child from identity theft, you should NEVER provide a social security number to a school district or your drivers license. They have no legitimate use for this information.

A K-12 School is not the IRS, an employer, or a bank. How dare they demand a SSN?

Eric Hafner
Toms River