Dear Editor,

The Anti-Pot Christie Administration's Department of Health's recently released report on the Medical Marijuana program incorrectly claims that dispensary prices averaging $489 per ounce are "reasonable" due to the "high" cost of living in New Jersey. But isn't California an expensive place to live too?

In California, ounces can be purchased for anywhere from $100 - $400. While there is quality variation between the cheaper and more expensive, a budget of $250 - $300 an ounce would buy good quality. Buying pounds directly from a grower would be even cheaper.

A round trip ticket is only $300 from Newark airport to Oakland, California - home to numerous large dispensaries.

It would be cheaper for most NJ patients to fly to California, get a mmj recommendation from a CA Doctor (no residency or patient registration requirements, and instant approval to purchase), visit a medical club, and fly home with all the medical marijuana they need (TSA in California lets patient fly with weed) than to pay New Jersey ripoff prices.

When the price is too high, fly to California.

Eric Hafner
Toms River