Once again Red Bank building inspectors and owners have made a big discriminatory error. After reading about Kitch Organic restaurant in the Asbury Park Press, in which the owners claimed goals of being "accessible to all" and  "inclusive of everyone," we rushed there today.

After 18 months  of renovations at a claimed cost of "eight to ten times" the  building's purchase price of $79,000, with an oblivious architect it seems, I was not able to join their "inclusive", "accessible" restaurant. The main door, which by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, passed 25 years ago!!) and NJ laws must be a flat entrance, is about SIX inches high! It looks as if a table too close to the door also blocks entrance for people with disabilities.

As an old folk song went, "when will they ever learn?"

Carolyn Schwebel