Hello Pastor George,

How are you?  I just read your latest column (Between Grandmothers and The Front Porch) in the AH Herald and had to send you a note.  You have always been my favorite columnist   Although I am sure you are so humble you think no one is reading them believe me, we are. 

This was one of the more difficult elections in our small Mayberry like town. There was much behind the scenes campaigning going on and honestly my own vote was changing during the campaign. I agree with you that all people, parties and organizations were very involved in this campaign. 

Over the summer I was at a social event where a friend of mine was talking about the upcoming elections and realized I was possible registered in a different party & abruptly ended their conversation!  It was surprising to me that suddenly we were thinking of each other as political parties rather than the friends we had become. 

While we as individuals are entitled to our own opinions & do feel strongly about them we all need to come together again as a town body and do what is best for our wonderful town.  I happen to believe that political parties should not take over especially on a small town scale, but that all parties should work together for the greater good of the community.  Imagine if that could happen on a national level how much better off we as Americans would be!

Again, the voters have spoken and we must listen.  It is time to move forward & extend a hand across every aisle, love thy neighbor & love thy town.  God bless Atlantic Highlands!

Mary Lynn Hughes
Atlantic Highlands, NJ