Port Ambrose is Dead in the Water

Today Governor Cuomo rejected the Port Ambrose liquefied natural gas facility with a veto.

We salute Governor Cuomo on this historic decision. It is clear by his swift action that he knew this project was harmful, unnecessary, and dangerous to people and marine life. We trust now that the Maritime Administration will quickly reject this project, as required by law. This is a hard won seven year battle. We commend all the thousands of people throughout the region and beyond, especially the core organizations that made stopping this project a priority. The roots of this success are in the diverse groups involved including fishing, labor, energy, diving, faith, and the bipartisan support of elected officials. Even though this veto will stop this project, it is critically important that Governor Christie affirm his vow to veto Port Ambrose, making this a bistate and bipartisan victory and a warning to fossil fuels to stay away. Liberty at last Port Ambrose is now dead in the water.

Cindy Zipf
Executive Director of Clean Ocean Action