Letter to the Editor:

I highly recommend electing Thomas F. Hayden to the Henry Hudson Board of Education. I have known Tom for many years. He was a student of mine when I taught at Henry Hudson Regional. He was always an outstanding student who was very intelligent and well-liked and respected by his peers. As a person, Tom is a young man of integrity and maintains high ethical and moral standards. As a former Hudson teacher, Tom has demonstrated that he is interested in the success of all students and is willing to confront tough challenges by working to help all students at Henry Hudson succeed.

Tom is obviously committed to the goals and visions of public education. He has excellent analytical leadership and collaborative skills to help move the district forward and promote the board’s vision. With his knowledge of the students and their needs he can help set the direction of the school district to achieve the highest student performance and ensure success for each student. Tom has also demonstrated that he is an effective communicator by reaching out to the community and working effectively within the community.

One school board member cannot get the job done alone. Tom can contribute his unique talents while collaborating and working as a team with other board members. With his background and knowledge of the educational system Tom is highly qualified to give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goals. I encourage you to vote for Thomas F Hayden. He is the right choice for the Board of Education.


Carl T. Maddalena, Retired Henry Hudson Teacher